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Explore culture and design through the finest contemporary architecture in Italy.

Isplora is an innovative approach to continuing education: an online platform with rich, evocative video documentaries and alternative news and events. Isplora makes it easy and enjoyable to earn professional accreditation, or simply deepen your appreciation of this beautiful and inspiring country.

Each documentary is a journey through the creation of one of Italy’s most distinguished contributions to contemporary architecture. Focusing on a key theme, uncovering the link between architecture and its surrounding landscape, the use of traditional Italian building materials as well as new high-tech approaches to sustainability, structural design and aesthetics.

Founded in 2014 by the Italian Chapter Director of the AIA, Isplora produces high quality documentary videos about contemporary Italian architecture for professional accreditation. As the writer on the team, I was involved in producing every variety of text: tag lines, video descriptions, translations, editorials, press releases, interviews, and content for the online magazine, Isplora Digest.

Links from top-left, clockwise:

  1. Editorial, by Gregg Brodarick
  2. Beyond the Architect: Carlo Scarpa and Murano Glass
  3. A Concrete Impression
  4. Carrara Marble: ‘Il Capo’ by Yuri Ancarani
  5. Isplora Picks: Seven Wineries that Showcase Italy
  6. City of Culture by David Chipperfield

And a press release I worked on for the launch of Isplora.

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