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Based on the 8 rooms project by unnameable (Kristen Kreider and James O’Leary), the brief for this project asked us to choose a site and ‘displace’ our observations into a new construction, which, although echoeing the initial site, has its own autonomy. I began by re-engaging with a memory: the medina in Fes, Morocco.

As the day draws to a close, the performance overhead begins with the frenzied activities of the resident starlings, dashing and darting between the highest points of the city. Before long our attention is taken over by dozens of little egrets gracefully passing over on their return to the Middle Atlas. The skies soon appear to swarm with thousands of alpine swifts, sweeping and diving on crescent-shaped wings in search of insects for their young who are awaiting their return in nests in the city walls. As the skies clear, and the sun casts one last shadow before it too finally disappears, it is worth casting an eye along the rooftops. With a little perseverance it is possible to locate the distinctive silhouettes of white storks on their rooftop nests along the walls which line Fes el Djedid.

I began the search for a space within London that reminded me of Fes; something beyond what can be quantified by words and drawings, or the experience of the five senses.

From here the quiet of the city fills your ears. The city is alive beneath you but you are its only inhabitant.

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