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Guadalajara CCD was the largest project I managed while at Carlo Ratti Associati. The $1.5million urban masterplan spanned over two years, with teams on three continents, and was presented by President Calderon at the World Economic Forum (Davos, Jan 2012).


The first phase of the project involved site selection, visiting over a dozen sites in Mexico and settling on the downtown redevelopment of Guadalajara. The following key principles were agreed upon by all stakeholders.


You can watch a short video of the final masterplan here.


The final report was published for prosperity in four bound volumes.


The background of the project is described in The Plan, 67A City of Courtyards (Past, Present and Future), which I co-authored with Carlo Ratti — click here to read the full article.


See the current progress of CCD, and the full masterplan here:

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