Hi, I’m Jenni – brand strategist, design researcher, writer, mega-organizer, italophile, and wannabe space tourist. 

Born in South Africa, I grew up in rural England before hitting the big city to study Architecture at the Bartlett, University College London. At the end of 2010, I booked a one-way flight to Italy and, after a short period working on an organic farm in the Alps (yes, really!), I moved to Torino to work with Carlo Ratti Associati. While living in what quickly became my favourite Italian city, I worked on architecture and urban design projects around the world and developed the company’s first communications team.

Since then, I’ve lived in five cities (buying three mattresses within 18 months was definitely the low point of that adventure!), completed a MA in Design Research, Writing & Criticism at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and finally joined my husband to live in San Francisco!

After 10 years working on a range of architecture, design and tech projects, I’ve taken the lead on everything from communications and community, to project management and event planning.

Recently, I’ve returned to the world of consulting while I look for the next opportunity to dive deep with an exciting startup. This means I can also dedicate some time to working on a subject that inspires me creatively…

I want to share the importance of travel in how we embrace other cultures, while encouraging individuals to engage more deeply with the world around them. I began exploring this in my masters research by looking at how the design of certain objects allows us to experience travel without physically moving, or ‘non-travel’. This work won the Graduate Paper Award at the Tourism and Travel Research Association 2016 Annual International Conference. Since then I’ve been developing ways in which we can non-travel through objects, the written word and curated experiences. You can join me in my journey @thenontraveller.